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LyCORIS 2.0.0

By kblueleaf on Dec 24, 2023
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LyCORIS 2.0.0

We are excited to announce that LyCORIS project has just been updated to version 2.0.0. This update brings a plethora of new features and improvements!

🎉HCP-Diffusion supports🎉

LyCORIS is now starting to support training/inference in HCP-Diffusion

  • Now LyCORIS support LoHa/LoKr/Diag-OFT algorithm in HCP-Diffusion
  • Add Pivotal tuning utilities
  • Add hcp convert utilities
  • Have no plan at this time to support full/lora and train_norms since HCP can do them natively

🌟New Implemented Algorithms🌟

🚀New features🚀

  • Standalone usage (For any pytorch module):
    • Can wrap any pytorch module which contains Linear/Conv2d/LayerNorm/GroupNorm modules
    • A project which utilize LyCORIS to finetune Phi-1.5: HakuPhi
    • minimal example:
from lycoris import create_lycoris, LycorisNetwork

    {"target_name": [".*attn.*"]}
lycoris_net = create_lycoris(

# after apply_to(), your_model() will run with LyCORIS net
lycoris_param = lycoris_net.parameters()
forward_with_lyco = your_model(x)
  • Merge scripts now support SDXL
  • Extract locon script now support SDXL

Fixed Bugs

  • Dropout have inversed rate. (dropout=a will performed as dropout=(1-a))
  • appy_max_norms will have divided by zero error
  • cannot resume correctly
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